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Value-Adding Raster Services Based on Open Standards

VAROS aims at integrating Earth Observation (EO) processing services based on the OGC Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS) Standard with the OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) standard in its forthcoming version 2.0. While WCPS defines a semantic web ready language focusing on raster data, WPS is a generic remote geo service invocation model of high generality, but no intrinsic interoperability. Bridging both standards by making WCPS a WPS Applicaton Profile links both worlds and combines their strongholds, leading to desirable properties like automated machine-machine communication, automated orchestration, and service reasoning.

In this project, which has a strong industry and end user impetus, the open-source WCPS reference implementation rasdaman was coupled, through a WPS interface, with a function-rich commercial OGC-based geo service product portfolio. The outcome was a demonstrator (TRL5-61) which has been evaluated by a military (UK Royal Navy) and civil (German NSDI agency, GDI-DE) stakeholders. This demo video showcases the resulting architecture by way of several use case scenarios contributed by the user partners.

Advantages perceived in such a combined service is the spectrum of access interfaces available to EO users on the same data sets - they can choose, according to their needs (and their tools' needs), between navigation, extraction, analysis, and processing functionality (whereby transition between these tasks often is smooth, and several service levels should be available for each). The partners believe that this will contribute significantly to develop and grow new value-adding EO services.


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Sponsor: European Space Agency