Large-Scale Scientific Information Systems Research Group

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Enhanced ISR with Datacubes

Rapid environmental changes due to climate change call for innovative technological approaches, and likewise is this required for security missions. Essentially, organizations like NATO need advanced capabilities allowing geo¬graph¬ic¬ally distributed joint mission forces with all their information sources and consumers to (i) operate off the same map and (ii) get the right data at the right moment. Data¬cubes, aka spatio-temporally homogenized raster data, are an accepted cornerstone for providing Big Geo Data easier for users and applications, ready for analysis, visual¬iz¬ation, fusion, etc.

In the Cube4EnvSec project, funded by NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS), Big Earth Datacube Analytics gets demonstrated for transnational security and environment protection. A series of relevant use cases is being established proving the capabilities of realtime datacube management, analytics, and federation of fixed and moving data sources and sinks.

Project Partners

  • Peter Baumann, Constructor University, Germany
  • Colin Price, Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Karl Zinglersen, Greenland Institute for Natural Resources, Greenland/Denmark
  • Zafer Aslan, Aydin University, Turkiye