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Spatio-Temporal Earth Datacubes and AI as a Service

CENTURION will develop, demonstrate, and operationalize ground-breaking advances in Big Data and AI. It will deliver “Big Data Analytics at Your Fingertips” by integrating spatio-temporal Earth datacubes and automated AI as a Service platforms. The CENTURION project will be based on open standards-based access through commonly used clients and tools, and will provide software development platform as a service, integrating popular AI libraries and platforms based on Python, R.

CENTURION will mobilize its own thematic data sets together with the complete Copernicus SAR and Multispectral data offerings of several DIASs, contributing satellite missions, climate variables, plus the series of further thematic data and EO assets for direct mix and match as desired in customer driven use cases. We will accomplish this through fully location-transparent, open federation, distributed datacube processing and fusion assisted with AI methods in order to give consistent and easy access to combination of EO Analysis-Ready Data and AI analytics methods, making the exploitation of the platform easy to large groups of the experts and non-expert users. CENTURION will facilitate the creation of the new tools, unleashing the combined potential of Copernicus and contributing missions’ Analysis Ready Data and AI analytics as a Service platform to deliver timely insights, readily available through a plurality of own and third-party thematic AI applications.

Two award-winning, leading European innovations, the rasdaman datacube engine and the OPT/NET AI Knowledge Packs, will be coupled leading to a new generation of massively scalable, intelligent decision support tools that reflect technical, economic, environmental, security and social criteria. This technology development is done by a first-time team-up of European SMEs who have a firm commitment for joint post-project exploitation, supported by aggressive outreach and IP protection through patents.

A wide spectrum of selected demonstration use cases in agriculture, forestry, maritime and hydrology domains will show practical advantages of the scalable CENTURION analytics, also acquiring pilot customers already during project runtime. These use cases include: ARD generation capability; Agricultural weather index configurator for Germany; Characterization of shipping dynamics in North Sea; Near Real Time monitoring of the forest dynamics; and Near Real Time Flood zone mapping.

The consortium consists of well established, multi-award-winning hi-tech SMEs (Inlecom Group, OPT/NET BV, rasdaman GmbH) as technology providers teaming up with further SMEs, universities (Constructor University/DE, Bucharest Polytechnic/RO), one of the Copernicus DIASes (CloudFerro CREODIAS/PL), research centres (Swiss Federal Research Institute/CH, Julius Kühn Institute/DE), and Industry (SLTN/NL) all bringing in strong ICT, Cloud computing, AI, Big EO Data exploitation and customer focused use case experience.

In addition, the consortium will be led by the experienced Advisory Board with key representatives of the Space Earth Observations industry, such as Airbus DS/GE and KSAT/NO to provide long term focus on the industrial trends and needs and strategic guidance to the consortium.

Altogether, CENTURION will overcome several principal barriers to EO market uptake by combining datacubes and AI as a Service for scalable, flexible, easy analytics and fusion with consistency guarantees and by federating the plethora of EO silos into a single, homogeneous EO datacube federation based analytics platform.

CENTURION will demonstrate the commercial value of these innovations through novel data and service products, as well as business models prioritising real and tangible industry and society use cases.

Project Partners

  • rasdaman GmbH
  • Constructor University
  • Bucharest Polytechnic University
  • Crowd Helix
  • Cloud Ferro
  • Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL
  • SLTN
  • Julius Kühn Institute