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The Climate Challenge Integration Plugfest (CCIP) is an initiative of the OGC Interoperability Program (IP). The IP's main mission is to test technologies that promote interoperability against real-world needs to accellerate standards development and refinement, and to ensure that OGC standards meet the needs of the geospatial industry.

CCIP's goal is to evaluate OGC standards' suitability for climate research. This suitability will be tested in two phases. In phase 1, service implementations will be tested for API conformance using the online OGC CITE test engine. In phase 2, clients and services will be tested together by having humans use software clients to exercise the services, trying to answer the questions posed by CCIP Sponsors in the given scenario.

The results of this test plan will be recorded in an Engineering Report to be delivered to OGC membership, which can inform the appropriate working groups -- such as the Hydrology WG and Meteorology WG -- to suggest refinements of the OGC standards baseline and help OGC members better serve this important community.

Jacobs University participates with its WCPS showcase site, EarthLook, which will be extended suitably.