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For the AMIGO project, Mainz University and RWTH Aachen University cooperate with Jacobs University to integrate intelligent learning group formation into their innovative, interdisciplinary teaching and learning concept. The goal is to foster learning success and satisfaction for cooperative learning in higher education. We achieve this goal through the application of our Moodle plugin mod_groupformation which will be adapted to the circumstances and requirements at Jacobs University.

In the AMIGO project, we start by analyzing cooperative learning scenarios at Jacobs University with respect to learning goals, task properties, as well as instructors’ and students’ experiences with the status quo and their respective needs. The results inform improvements of the plugin to optimally fit the needs at Jacobs University. The application of the plugin is accompanied by design-based research methodology to advance our understanding of the optimal composition of learning groups and to rigorously evaluate the intervention effect of the plugin. Further, we offer consultation for those university instructors involved in the project with respect to the didactic design of their group tasks.

Project Partners

  • Mainz University, Henrik Bellhaeuser (Project lead)
  • Learning Technologies Research Group, RWTH Aachen University, René Röpke (Project lead) and Prof. Dr. Ulrik Schroeder
  • Jacobs University, Prof. Dr. Sonja Lippke, Prof. Dr. Peter Baumann, Dr. Stanislav Milkov Chankov

(text taken from the official AMIGO project page)