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Big Earth Data - the Documentary

Big Earth Data - the digitized planet is a 53min TV documentary illustrating the challenges and opportunities of Big Data in the Earth sciences; watch the full feature in English, German (not online available), and in French language in full HD quality, plus extra bonus material (with permission by ZDF and Gruppe5).

Over 1.5 years we have initiated and scientifically advised production of the TV documentary "Big Earth Data" with Gruppe 5 and supported by think-dialog, financed jointly by German TV stations ZDF and ARTE as well as the European Commission as part of the EarthServer project. The resulting 1h feature has been broadcast by ARTE on 2015-Feb-06 at 21:45 and 2015-Feb-20 at 09:00 CET in Germany and France, and by ZDF on 2015-Nov-23 in Germany.

The documentary has been critically acclaimed also by experts in the field:

Spin-off Effects

Making this feature has spawned a series of spin-off features, including:


ARTE TV program announcement


Movie Material

For your convenience we provide the movie, together with links and bonus material below.


Some "Making of" Pictures

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